Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feel Weakness? Try this tips

Feel Weakness? Try this tips

By drinking carrot juice helps to get good strength in body. Those who always remains then carrot's juice is good for them.

Weakness is relieved by eating 3-4 ripe banana's after meal.

By drinking a cup of milk, adding in it 1 tsp of honey gives relief from weakness.

Boil fig in milk, then eat that fig and drink that milk to get strength in the body and to increase the blood.

Eat dates, drink warm milk on it in which ghee is mixed to cure weakness caused due to getting hurt or loss of excessive blood from the wound.

Everyday in the morning and at night while sleeping take equal quantities of sugar and sonamukhi powder and eat it to cure weakness.

By eating white onion roasted in pure ghee cures weaknesses related to body, lungs and total loss of semen.

Body weakness is relieved by drinking Sweet lime juice.

Fry 5 peshi dates in ghee, have it along with rice and take half hour sleep to gain strength and weight relieving weakness.

Boil 1 dry fig, 5-10 almonds and sugar in milk and then drink this milk to purify the blood, to relieve heat of the body and to increase the weight.

Boil milk adding in it almonds, pistachio, cardamom, saffron and sugar. By drinking this milk you get more strength.

By preparing Magaj, Mohanthal or maisoor and eating it daily cures all types of weaknesses and gives strength.

By eating soaked gram daily in the morning after chewing it properly makes the body strong and well-nourished. This remedy is cheaper and unfailing than the costlier medicines.

Weakness caused after waking up from the sickness is cured by eating onion roasted in ghee along with sheera. This also helps to recover the strength again.

Prepare a edible vegetable of tender fenugreek leaves. By eating this vegetable blood gets improved thereby giving strength.

Make 200 gms of powder from dry dates, add 25 gms of dry ginger powder in it and fill this mixture in a glass bottle. From it boil 5-10 gm powder in 200 gms of milk, add sugar as required in it. By drinking this milk everyday in the morning gives strength.
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