Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simple exercise for better Breathing

Proper Ayurvedic Respiration Can Cure Asthma
Proper ways of breathing can cure serious diseases like asthma. One
should pay attention to breathing along with practicing yoga asanas.
Some important exercises are being mentioned below, which are
helpful in controlling this disease.
1. Always sit straight. Whenever you stand, keep your back straight.
Fold your lips in the manner they are folded to blow whistle. Then
apply pressure and exhale. Count the breaths and slowly double the
capacity to stop the breath but do not do it forcibly. Do not stop
breath in between the process of inhaling and exhaling because
irregular breathing pattern should not be followed in case of asthma.
2. If you are unable to breath and the shoulders and neck muscles
become stiff then follow this technique. Bend the left ear downwards
so that it touches the left shoulder, repeat the same technique with
the right ear. Lift the shoulders in such a way that they touch both
the ears. Slowly bring down the shoulders as far as possible and
rotate them forward, backward, up and down in a circular motion.
Keep the pace of rotation fast at sometimes and slow at other times.
When the muscles get relaxed, the breathing also becomes normal
and stops the irregular respiration pattern, congestion in the chest,
and anxiety.
3. Lie down straight and keep a book on the stomach. Breath
through the diaphragm and see that the book moves upwards when
you exhale and comes down when you inhale. This exercise should
be done everyday for five minutes, it improves the health of the
lungs and strengthens the muscles. Gradually increase the duration
of the exercise and the weight on the stomach.
A simple exercise to expand the skeleton:
1. Spread the legs equal to the distance of the shoulders, take the
hands forwards and exhale, then spread the hands and take them on
either side of the body and then backwards. Keep the elbows on the
back and try to expand the skeleton and inhale slowly.
2. Spread the legs equal to the distance of the shoulders and stand
straight. Now lift both the hands upwards and try to contract the
body in the same position. Take slow and deep breaths in this
position. You should feel that the skeleton is moving above the
spine. Exhale while bringing down the hands and concentrate only
on exhaling.
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