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Cardiospermum halicacabum(To alleviate arthritis and paralyze the greens - Cardiospermum halicacabum)

If many of us muttuvaliyin (arthritis) suffer. The source, we know the one. We are playing as a child rushing. If you need to urinate at a young age tend to have promptly.
Vayatan tetiyo good toilette, will include a number of different reasons. Still full of urine in the kidneys, and suppressing the right place nerattuk was sporadic. The situation for women, 10 years old, first and foremost, to the men, 18-year-old will start first. In these cases, the kidneys are unable to expel urine faints. And by orders from the brain to temporarily suspend his work and puts kidneys. The blood is flowing in our body, and to all the places where urine passes intact logged.
When you go to do so, the uric acid crystals in the blood (uric acid crystals) gets deposited in the joints. This small, small stones, the cinoriyal memkirem, is sitting in a place. This continues for several years. For some people, over the age of 35 out of bed in the morning elumpolutu hips, feet, hands, knees will be more pain. This rumattayit of onset arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis) to the starting position.
In India, 65 percent of people suffer from this type of arthritis pain. Of these, 85 percent are women. In various clinical patterns, and finding the source of this disease drug offer. Our ancestors, 2,000 years ago, natural medicinal greens, we have introduced. That spinach and paralyze.
The talaits mutakkattanil, has created a certain proportion of uric acittaik solvent, Indian researcher team, along with the Australian university researchers have discovered. The special character, where the uric acid in the joints, although dissolving it, will take to the kidney. Besides taking the urine to exit, that of sodium and potassium in our body goes away. This is a very important change, causes our body. This caused us physical fatigue.
Spinach dosa Mango paralyze the extractor, please let dosa. Should not eat boiled spinach. Medical nutrients are in it, will be destroyed by ensuring boil. This is only available during the winter lettuce. In the villages of Tamil Nadu, which lay spread if everyone ikkirai kollaippurattilum house, take care of its importance.

The verupeyarkal -: mutakkaruttan, mutarkurran, motakkottan
Tavarakkutumpam -: SAPINDACEAE.
Disable, as well as the cut is joined to mutakkarran. Muttuvata crippling joint disease which makes the removal of "mutakkarran" it became generally made ​​tocaiyakac unpar tocaima attend.
Culaippitippu eczematous vankarappan
Gale totuvaliyun kanmalamum - Chalak
Katakkattanotivitun away from Cassini
Mutakkarran option Language
--- It kunapatam
Kilpitippu, syphilis, roach, feet favorite argument, malakkattu
If you use all mutakkarran otivitumam leave this world.
Childbirth, maternity hospitals, even several thousand, cash flow in this period is, the ink in Grindstone ilaiyait mutakkarran become cukappiracavam
Just as the central ground, struggling piracavikkak kanamakap pucivit women's abdomen caused by a quarter hours, normal childbirth. Difficulty, exhaustion appear. If you believe someone is kaikanta it! But this duty to register.
Constipation, gas, recover argument -: mutakkarran soup once a week, but keep dispersed in the gas can flow off the body when consumed. Gas, arthritis, constipation related issues from all the problems.
A little tip for making soup -
Kaif pitiyalavu mutakkarran leaf, stem, stalk them leave a tamlaralavu water, well boiled only the water drain, like an ordinary tamarind soup tamarind dissolved in the water, pepper, garlic, cumin soup along with the need to prepare.
A Fistful mutakkarran carivarappe puntup white stools dental five crushed leaves put on the ground, breaking it and coarse black pepper along with the amount of tablespoons, two glasses and put in the oven with water for the brew a potion as kayccik cuntak drained, loose motions several times in the early hours of antidepressants. If more than a little lemon juice petiyin that stimulating diarrhea stop immediately. We eat rice wine.
Mutakkarran cause monthly menstrual properly fry the leaves blow in the stomach kattivant properly comes to women's menstruation.
Guests of uric acid in the joints, protein, fat accumulation, lime, pasparam pativankaltan 'Barisan gas' a limb is rheumatoid arthritis. Spinach has the power to expel dissolved and paralyze them.
Mutakkarran spinach once a week for 5 minutes and soaked bathe araittut head rub. Besides, coming off three consecutive months; Not only to stop beating; This will prevent it from falling gray; Karukaruvena hair will begin to grow
The argument hinges on castor leaves and fry away the build up to vikakattir atikap panaccelavillata healing remedies may not be glamorous but slightly;
That cousin amaintuvittato a name that's sweet! But even in the movies nowadays is not Athas; Mutakkattanum of us, it was not much!
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