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Vomiting is a symptom, which may be related to pregnancy or may be a manifestation of some medical, surgical, gynecological complications, which can occur at any time during pregnancy. Vomiting during pregnancy is common. It is mostly limited to the first trimester. It is more common in first pregnancy, with a tendency to recur again in subsequent pregnancies. It is more common in multiple pregnancies.

The vomiting is related to the pregnant state and depending upon the severity it is classified as:

Simple vomiting or pregnancy

Hyperemesis gravidarum or severe type.

The patient complains of nausea and occasional sickness on rising in the morning. Slight vomiting is common in early pregnancy (about 50%) that is considered as a symptom of pregnancy. It may occur at other times of the day. The vomitus is small and clear. It does not produce any impairment of health or restrict the normal activities of the women. The feature disappears with or without treatment by 12-14 th week of pregnancy.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe type of vomiting of pregnancy, which has got harmful effect on the health of the mother and the growing fetus. I t can result in dehydration, acidosis, malnutrition and weight loss. This condition can be dangerous to the fetus if persists. The reason for Hiperemesis gravidarum has not been identified yet, but an association between high levels of the hormones estrogen and chronic gonadotropin ( HCG ) has been found. HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta that increases until the end of the first trimester.

Other possible problems related with abnormal o severe vomiting includes bile duct disease, drug toxicity, pancreatitis, low blood sugar, and problems with the thyroid and inflammatory bowel disorders.


To avoid vomiting, try grasping your tongue with a piece of cloth and pulling gently but firmly.
For excess of vomiting , try limiting your diet to a single food, one that you know you can tolerate. Add one additional food per day as you can tolerate them.
Scent the air by preparing a mixture of three drops of lavender essential oil and one of peppermint in a diffuser or humidifier.
Place a cool lavender scented compress on your forehead and a warm lavender compress over your rib cage.
Dissolve wheat germ in warm milk, and take a few teaspoons every hour.
Dissolve 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1-tablespoon honey in cold water and take it before bed. This is very effective home remedy for morning sickness.
Drink red raspberry leaf, peppermint, and squaw vine or spearmint tea.
Prepare ginger tea by boiling some ginger root in water. Strain it and add honey to sweeten. Take this tea when you feel nausea.
Don't brush your teeth immediately after eating.
For morning sickness cure, lie completely still with your eyes closed.
Taking ½ to 1 tsp of Wild yam root every day will help you fight with the morning sickness.
Keep your meals small and to drink plenty of fluids. Smaller meals mean less in your stomach, and less to make you nauseated.
Have a snack such as yogurt, milk, bread, dry cereal, or a small sandwich before going to bed. Try eating during the night. This may prevent nausea in the morning.
Keep your feet up and your head slightly raised on a pillow when resting.
Take a short walk or try to sleep with the window open. When you are cooking, open windows to get rid of odors.
Do not eat fatty foods, which take longer to digest, particularly during pregnancy, when your stomach takes longer to empty. Also avoid rich, spicy, acidic, and fried foods, which can irritate your stomach and digestive system.
Take a few soda crackers or dry toast when getting up early in the morning. This is also very effective home remedy for morning sickness.
Increase vitamin B6 in your diet by eating whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
Acupressure wristbands or acupuncture may help. These bands can be found in drug, health food, and travel stores.
Chew your food thoroughly.
Do not keep your stomach completely empty. Carry fruit, cheese and/or crackers around with you to prevent nausea throughout the day.
Chewing gum also helps in reducing the morning sickness
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