Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Before you go to bed at night, take two cloves of fresh garlic and chop it and let it expose to the air for a few minutes ( not more than 5 mts) The chopping releases the enzyme alliance in the garlic. Gather the chopped garlic on a spoon and swallow it with water. The garlic will travel your entire digestive tract while you sleep and scavenge and neutralize all the toxins, carcinogens, harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, foreign chemical before they can harm your healthy cells. Swallowing the chopped garlic will not give you garlic breath, as long as you don't chew it. You brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before you go to bed anyway. In the morning, drink a big glass of water. Your first bowel movement will have a strong garlic odor and you will know that the harmful stuff have been eliminated from your body. Try it, especially if you have had a bad eating day. Before practice any natural medicine it is advisable that wash your stomach by enema or take some Tamarind in warm water and drink it at night , it can be happen a loose motion, and your stomach will be clean.which will help you for a good treatment ( at least once in a Couple of week is best for maintain a good health.
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