Monday, November 3, 2008

Much is talked about Cholesterol and its control.
Foods That May Lower Your Cholesterol

When women in a University of Toronto study added oat bran to
an already heart-healthy diet, HDL-cholesterol levels—the
beneficial kind—climbed more than 11 percent.


A 2005 Tufts University study found that substances in almondskins help prevent LDL cholesterol from being oxidized, a processthat can otherwise damage the lining of blood vessels andincrease cardiovascular risk.

Beansand lentils

In results reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2005,LDL-cholesterol levels fell almost twice as far in volunteers on alow-fat diet who added beans and lentils (along with more wholegrains and vegetables) to the menu.


Blueberries contain a powerful antioxidant called pterostilbenethat may help lower LDL cholesterol, scientists at the AgriculturalResearch Service reported in 2004.


When volunteers in a 2004 USDA study added barley to thestandard American Heart Association diet, LDL-cholesterol levelsfell by up to 17 percent.


The monounsaturated fats in avocados have been found to lowerbad LDLs and raise good HDLs, especially in people with mildlyelevated cholesterol.


Drinking a glass of wine with dinner—any alcoholic beverage, infact—has been shown to raise good-cholesterol levels and lowerthe risk of a heart attack. (Excessive drinking, however, raisesheart-disease danger.)
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